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Vidalista 20 Mg


active ingredientTadalafil
indicationErectile dysfunction
manufacturerFortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
packaging10 tablets in 1 strip
delivery time6 To 15 days
Vidalista 20 Mg
Vidalista 20 Mg
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90 Tablet/s$84.000.93 /Piece
120 Tablet/s$106.000.88 /Piece
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What is Vidalista 20 Mg?

Vidalista 20 mg intends to take care of erectile dysfunction among men. Those men fail to penetrate hard, they must try this medicine. But before going to order Vidalista 20 mg, people need to know whether their body is ready for taking it or not. For this reason, talking to a doctor is important. It can be said that if you want to buy Vidalista 20 mg, you must have a valid prescription. This medicine can be taken by only patients whose age lies between 18-and 65 years.

Tadalafil is the name of the primary constituent that aids to produce this medicine. This medicine belongs to the category of PDE5 blockers.

After buying Vidalista 20 mg tablets, keep them in a cold, clean, and dark place. Never store it in sunlight, moisture, and heat. As it may be the cause of reducing the effect of this medicine. This medicine should be conserved below 30 degrees c temperature. A Vadodara-based pharmaceutical company is engaged in manufacturing Vidalista 20 Mg. This is one of the reputed, trusted drug suppliers in the country. This organization commenced its journey in 2006. 

vidalista 20 mg how to use?

This medicine is one of the FDA-approved, safe medicines for curing the problem of impotency. Those men who feel depressed for not erecting hard with their partner can try this medicine. This medicine settles down the problem of soft and short erection. But before taking this pill, you need to know that this medicine cannot awaken sexual willingness. 

This medicine works amazingly if the couple is naturally excited. Vidalista helps to repair damaged relationships among the couple. 

Buy Vidalista 20 mg Online

Patients can easily buy Vidalista 20 Mg through online mode. In this corona pandemic, online purchase is one of the safest, easiest, and cheapest ways to buy medicine. Here you can easily buy your desired products without disclosing your identity. Even the delivery section does not know about your ordered item. Patients can online order in vidalista 20 Uk through electronic gadgets. 


Vidalista 20 Mg

Where to Buy Vidalista 20 mg?

You can easily buy Vidalista 20 mg online at the Tebsvilla and offline store. But most of the branded offline stores ask for a prescription for Vidalista 20 for sale. To avoid this complexity, you can book your order from internet-based stores. But make sure that you have gone through all guidelines imposed by them. 

Many patients are inquisitive to know vidalista 20 mg tablets so that they get the best result. They have to devour this tablet along with a lot of water to avoid dehydration. They should not split, crush or chew this pill to diminish the effect of this medicine. Never try to take this medication along with oily foods. As fatty meal takes longer to digest in the body and this medicine delays to show its effect. Patients can take only a single pill within 24 hours.  

CYP3A4 enzyme present in juice is metabolized in the liver and this medicine does not produce an efficacious result. Apart from these, patients have to restrain the habit of smoking and drinking alcohol to retard the effect of Vidalista 20.

Vidalista 20 mg Dosage

If you want to buy Vidalista 20mg online platform without having a prescription, you may be confused about the variety of doses of this medicine. After assessing several facts such as age, health condition, and seriousness of the problem, doctors suggest the right dose. You cannot increase or decrease the strength of this medicine without talking to a health expert.

You can use Vidalista 20 instead of Vidalista 60 and Vidalista Black 80

If you ever feel that taking more than the recommendation treats your problem quickly, you may be the victim of several adverse side effects such as painful erection, itching, and trouble breathing. To prevent this issue, patients have to go to the doctor as early as possible.

Other Range Of Vidalista 20 Mg

Vidalista 20mg Side-Effects


  • Nosebleed 
  • Indigestion 
  • Redness on face 
  • Pain in stomach 
  • Loss of memory 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Nausea 
  • Vomiting 
  • Dizziness 
  • Insomnia 


  • Headache 
  • Pain in the urinary bladder 
  • Infertility 
  • Itching 
  • Breathlessness 
  • Swelling on face, throat, lips, tongue 
  • Hypertension or hypotension 
  • Painful erection 
  • Tinnitus 
  • Blurred vision 

Warnings for Vidalista 20 mg

While under the influence of this drug, patients should not drive a car or do something which requires a lot of attention. As this medicine causes dizziness and blurred vision.

Those patients are hypersensitive to tadalafil, they should not consume this medicine under any circumstances. Even if they consume it for lack of their knowledge, they may face severe side effects such as hives, rashes, painful erection, sleepiness, and numbness.

Those patients who have blood cell disorders such as multiple myeloma, sickle cell anemia, and leukemia should not take this medicine. If patients have a deformed penis (Peyronies disease) or fibrosis or scarring should not consume this pill. These types of patients are inclined to priapism.

Those patients are suggest to consume alpha-blockers like tamsulosin, and doxazosin for benign prosthetic hyperplasia and hypertension must not take this medicine at the same time. They have to wait at least 4 hours after taking this Vidalista. Otherwise, patients may face a sudden fall in blood pressure due to the simultaneous effects of these two.

While taking this medicine, patients are not allow to take any supplements or herbal medicines.

Those patients who take nitrate-containing medicines such as nitroglycerine, and isosorbide dinitrate for angina or chest pain, must avoid taking Vidalista at the same time. Even if patients take pauper like amyl nitrate, and butyl nitrate for recreation, they are not entitle to take tadalafil at the same time. Otherwise, they may face fainting and lightheadedness.

Vidalista 20 mg for bodybuilding

One pill per day is sufficient to improve performance because tadalafil is active for 36 hours. This implies that, while the initial dose takes an hour to take effect, for individuals who use it regularly, the time it takes to take the pill is unimportant because tadalafil is always circulating in the blood. It also implies that taking vidalista 20 mg pill every day has some cumulative impact.

When it comes to dosage, bodybuilders should start with a maximum authorized amount of 20 mg per day, taken a few hours before a workout. However, do not exceed this dose because it has a long-acting and cumulative impact; at larger doses, it might cause side effects.

Vidalista 20mg tablet may help to reduce the intensity of these symptoms, potentially reducing the need for prostate surgery. Erectile dysfunction and BPH-related symptoms are also treated with this drug.

So, yes, bodybuilders can lawfully obtain tadalafil. Many people use Vidalista 20 bodybuilding to improve its transparency.


Are Viagra and Vidalista the same?

Viagra and Vidalista are indeed use for a similar purpose. They belong to PDE5 blockers. But the generic version of Vidalista 20 is Cialis. It is more powerful compared to other PDE5 inhibitors.

How long effect of Vidalista persists in the body?

The effect of Vidalista 20mg stays for 36 hours. For this reason, patients do not have to take this medicine daily.


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